Audio Demos


Audio Experimentation 

New! Thumbs Lit Red’s Debut Single “Sibling Rivaly” – video by Cyclopes Eat Sheep


Saturation Diving: An interview with a Judge from the European Court of Human Rights who ruled on the real-life case of Vilnes v. Norway and the perspective from Eurimages Film Fund on a fictionalized account. Both entities are part of the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe, a regional intergovernmental human rights organization with 47 member States. Commented by a first grade pupil from the Robert Schuman international section, with public archive audio from Sealab.



Brain Projects: An Interview with Dr. Kamil Ugurbil from the Center for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, comparing Europe’s Human Brain Project and the US BRAIN Initiative

This demo was provided as a proposal to the Human Brain Project’s communication office and is not affiliated with either brain science research organization.




Stem Cells: A debate recorded at the European School of Strasbourg, featuring high school students of several nationalities 





Science of Love: A UK-based science journalist tackles the chemistry of companionship. This segment was submitted online as an entry to Quilla’s Jawbreaker science communication contest





Mars One participants: Applicants explained in their own words why they were willing to leave planet Earth…permanently. Audio clips were collected via Speakpipe around the globe, providing a personal/organic audio feel with novel content.




(Coming soon) Frenglish Pod: A code-switching bilingual treat for your left ear…and your right.