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2 thoughts on “Vicky Voices

  • shalini

    A beautiful story written by Chester Betty about different realities. This is a book of possibilities with a combination of maths, science and art. The author has done a fabulous job in showing us something which is so out of this world that it opens our mind to infinity and life as if we know it, gets changed. Every character, though described in brief, plays his or her role with conviction. I loved the way the author has etched the main characters of Nico and Laney, whose relationship appears so simple, yet is so complex. This book is a combination of philosophy, along with physics and a dash of sci-fi. There is something so poignantly artistic in the way Chester Betty writes the story, with a bit of suspense and thrill thrown in too.
    I especially liked the way the author has shown all religion carefully, this shows her intense research and her respect for all cultures.
    The flow of the story may appear different to read initially but once the rhythm is attained then it becomes easy.
    The book is paced well with no boring or too technical sequences but with intelligence. Everything is put together well and all the parts are explained well in the end.
    I have read this book twice now and there is something new every time I read it, a new connection, a new understanding.
    The author in her debut, makes us look outward and inward at the same time and leaves me with only one question at the end of my reading…. WHAT IF THIS IS TRUE
    Kudos to you, C. Betty and eagerly waiting for your next brilliance.