Quilla creates audio demos and concept mock-ups for non-traditional media projects

Music videos by the brotherly trio “Cyclopes Eat Sheep”                                   


Saturation Diving: An interview with a Judge from the European Court of Human Rights who ruled on the real-life case of Vilnes v. Norway and the perspective from Eurimages

Film Fund on a fictionalized account. Both entities are part of the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe, a regional intergovernmental human rights organization with 47 member States. Commented by a first grade pupil from the Robert Schuman international section, with public archive audio from Sealab.



Brain Projects: An Interview with Dr. Kamil Ugurbil from the Center for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, comparing Europe’s Human Brain Project and the US BRAIN Initiative

This demo was provided as a proposal to the Human Brain Project’s communication office and is not affiliated with either brain science research organization.




Stem Cells: A debate recorded at the European School of Strasbourg, featuring high school students of several nationalities 





Science of Love: A UK-based science journalist tackles the chemistry of companionship. This segment was submitted online as an entry to Quilla’s Jawbreaker science communication contest





Mars One participants: Applicants explained in their own words why they were willing to leave planet Earth…permanently. Novel content audio clips were collected via Speakpipe from around the globe.



Keeping up with les Jones

(Coming soon) Frenglish Pod: A code-switching bilingual treat for your left ear…and your right.