Vicky Test

Hi Beta Readers,

Thanks for taking the time to read. Since I’m testing a system for pay content that may be used for later projects, you will require a member account. I know this is annoying and I apologize.

With the code provided, you should be able to access all 3 sections of Saint Vicky. Please go to the section “register with a fee below” and then put in the discount code for beta readers. I promise I will not spam you or do anything else nefarious, but I would like to test this system. If you need a .doc or .pdf instead, let me know.

There is a general survey at the end of the novel/novella. If you’re able to offer any grammatical or technical corrections/advice, I’d be grateful too, but I didn’t put a field in. You can send me any additional feedback by email ( If you can’t get through the book, I understand completely but I do welcome negative feedback. It’s actually the most useful. Please let me know what irks you the most!

On that note, click here to read Saint Vicky. Please input code   9A8DE08917   if you are requested to pay/waive any fees.

There is a picture at the end of each page. You need to click on the image to go to the next chapter. You can email me directly if you have any problems/questions.