Betsy Lang – Expression of Interest for Project Coordinator

Why am I here? To help! I will help you, your new organization, your projects and most importantly, your client communities, with my creativity, empathy and competence. I am very interested in the temporary Project Coordinator role with BIPOC Trans Housing Project.

How my professional experience aligns with your goals

● 3 + years experience in administrative or event coordination capacity

I’ve worked as a Project Manager and Program Administrator in private, intergovernmental and NGO spaces. I coordinated several events including treaty revision plenary sessions, conferences, teacher training workshops, an adult summer school, raclette parties and online training.

● Experience with decentralized work systems

I worked remotely for Cargill for 3 years, with teams located in Colorado, India, Bulgaria and Singapore. I also created an audio science collaborative communication contest where entrants could submit their recordings to an online portal, years before this was a common practice.

● 2+ years of people management experience

I managed a team of 3 administrative employees for Cargill Business Services, Bangalore, India. This included approving SOPs, training and weekly update calls.

● Excellent communication skills- ability to speak to a wide range of audiences with diverse backgrounds

I worked bilingually (English and French) for an international organization with 47 member countries and program participants from all walks of life. I managed travel requests for linguistically, economically and culturally diverse individuals and groups.

● Strong organizational skills with the ability to juggle multiple tasks, set priorities, effectively manage time and meet deadlines

I concurrently managed several Global Mobility and Tax projects for EY while successfully transferring a travel compliance program to an international service center, where it now resides. This required time management with quickly changing circumstances and priorities. 

● Intermediate proficiency in: Google Suite, Canva, Project management software (Asana,, Mailchimp strongly preferred

I am proficient in Google Suite and Canva, but have not used project management software to date. I pick up new technologies easily and can quickly and efficiently use programs with confidence. I can proficiently use different CMS and email programs to serve your organization.

● Facilitation and/or mediation experience highly preferred

I facilitated employee coaching sessions for Cargill and conducted biweekly tax seminars with a Latin American regional group. I have worked in several situations with multiple stakeholders and facilitated communication via online and in-person meetings, training events and documentation.

● Must have regular access to reliable transportation (a car or access to a car, and valid drivers license)

I have a car, valid drivers license and insurance.

● Must have reliable access to technology (phone, wifi, laptop or computer)

I have a phone (and an additional number that could be used exclusively for this project), wifi and a laptop computer.

● Must have evening and weekend availability

I am able to accommodate a variety of scheduling scenarios as long as I have some advanced notice to plan my family’s transportation needs.


My experience with disenfranchised communities

While I have not had the opportunity to represent BIPOC trans people specifically, I strive to find ways that I can serve vulnerable people in my professional paths and with volunteer work. My experience at a multinational corporation and exposure to realities of human exploitation led me to leave a lucrative career in international compliance last September. I experienced challenges within my own family related to housing instability and decided to orient myself toward human services, for which I believe I was called to service. I would love this unique opportunity to positively impact BIPOC folx and their families, as well as learn more about the challenges they face in society.

Working for the Council of Europe, a human rights organization in Strasbourg, France, my office window opened to a years-long vigil and protest movement by a minority group representing wrongful imprisonment in Turkey. The teacher training program I helped administer was focused on intercultural education and promoting participation of marginalized groups. I organized events throughout Europe and at our headquarters in France, as well as tracking program statistics, grants and travel arrangements.

More recently, I’ve been working as a substitute special education paraprofessional at my local school district. Every day I see the impact of housing instability on my students, where an unfortunate correlation exists between home challenges and academic outcomes. I’ve honed my skills in the areas of patience, compassion and creative problem solving to find ways to support children and families with special needs, whether physical, mental or emotional.

Housing insecurity and challenges drive quality of life outcomes for all people and I’ve witnessed the impact of several factors based on places I have personally called home. I lived in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in France that was on high alert due to terrorist attacks targeting religious groups and walked among machine-gun clad military guard patrols. I lived in a Muslim majority immigrant community located next to a prison, where the government sponsored housing in dilapidated tower blocks shaped so many aspects of residents’ life. I currently live in an interesting area in Mound that was formerly a summer colony, where cabins and small plots have been transformed to year-long residences. This has created a unique dynamic of coexistence – some of the lowest property values in Hennepin County juxtaposed with extravagant lakeshore homes across the street. The socioeconomic diversity of my island is reflected in the greater community and school district.

I have lived in several neighborhoods in Minneapolis and love the city, which is why I returned after 14 years abroad. I love learning and interacting with people from Minneapolis and look forward to meeting their vital needs.

My creative experience

I love to express myself through digital art posters and T-shirts designs. My interest in graphic design has helped me learn how to take advantage of free or low-cost design tools like Pixlr, Midjourney and Canva, as well as the Google suite of programs. You can browse my designs at or use the Art Farm link above. I’ve also helped promote small businesses with event organization and marketing (Another Cheesy Party). I implemented simple WordPress websites and social media accounts as well. I believe I could really make a difference to your team, by bringing in fresh ideas and executing quality work with partners and community members. I’m excited to learn about how we could work together on the BIPOC Trans Housing Project.